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Crisis Plan Procedure for Before & After A Storm

When it comes to potential major disasters, you should have a crisis plan procedure to follow for both before and after the storm or hurricane. While there are a number of key actions to include in a crisis plan procedure for when a natural disaster occurs, like stocking up on food and water, you should also be sure to add checking your generator or purchasing a home generator to your plan. Loss of power is common during all types of storms, whether they are mild or extremely severe. The best way to be prepared for a power outage before and after a storm involves making sure you have a workable generator when you need it most.

Creating a Crisis Plan

For you and your family’s own protection, it is best to be prepared early on before a storm is even in question, right before a storm, and after a storm. There are several protective measures you can take even before a storm is in sight, which can include going through the process to purchase, be permitted, and install a home generator.

What to Do Before A Storm

Purchase or Check On Your Home Generator

This is first because, if a natural disaster is on its way, you should have already taken care of the purchase and permitted installation of a home generator long before the storm came! The truth is that if a natural disaster were to occur, some actions, like checking to see if your generator is working or trying to purchase a home generator, may be taken too late to be helpful. This is because there are a number of steps to take when you purchase a home generator, including requesting for a permit and having a proper installation. That’s why it is critical to purchase a generator well before a disaster strikes or if you already have a generator, then to make sure that the home generator you already own is maintained and in a workable condition.

Know Emergency Help & Contact Phone Lines

A critically important part of your crisis plan should involve finding the right emergency contacts which you may need. This can include phone numbers for the city officials, police department, fire department, shelters, and such. Having these numbers can help you in the event of an emergency where you need to reach out for assistance and also allow for you to have accurate updates for your specific location.

Gather Hurricane Essentials

Before a storm or hurricane hits, you should make sure that you have enough perishable food, flashlights, batteries, candles, matches, tools, radio, portable chargers, and a first aid kit. These essentials are going to support you most because they allow you to be prepared and protected. While this is more of a step to take right before a storm occurs, it can still be good to have these essentials beforehand so that you don’t have to deal with the madness of hurricane preparedness while everyone else is rushing around for supplies nearby too.

Procedure for After A Storm

Buy A Generator or Call for Service on Current Generator

If you already went through at least one storm or hurricane without a generator, then you may have learned by experience how unfortunate it is. That’s why after a storm, you should purchase a home generator so that you will hopefully be more prepared than you were for any other future storm. Keep in mind that it could take 2-3 months for installation to be complete, so it is important to order early on before another storm strikes. If you already have a generator, then it can be important to have it serviced after it is used during a storm or hurricane so that you know it works.

Be Cautious

Whether you are venturing outside or staying in, try to be careful of any broken glass, unsteady boarding, broken windows, dangling power lines, broken tree branches and debris, etc. It’s also important to check on the food before you eat it. Hopefully, most was perishable but if not, just take a closer look at the date or what it looks like and throw it out if it’s bad.

Take Pictures of Any Damage

Whether damage was done to your home, apartment, or car, you should take a photograph of the issue. Whether you decide to place a claim or not, having a picture will help to show the damage that was done.

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