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5 Basic Questions You Need Your Generator Service Provider to Answer

So, you’ve decided to get a power generator for your home or business. While it might not look that way, this is a pretty big decision. You’re taking a massive step towards managing your life in times of emergency! That’s precisely why you need to have every bit of information at your fingertips.

There are a lot of things you’ll need to know before embarking on this journey. Here, we’ve comprised a list of the most fundamental questions you need to ask your generator service provider. These questions give you an insight into what the company is all about, and if they’re right for you.

That said, we highly encourage any new generator owner to clarify all doubts, for a much safer all-around experience!

Here are five questions you need answers to before committing to a generator service provider.


1. What sets your company apart?

There are a lot of companies out there that will provide similar services, so you need your choice to have an edge. Talk to them about their methods and the quality of their service. Listen to them talk about the company to get a feel about it, directly from the inside.

What you should be getting out of this should be:

  • Why you should pick them over any other generator service provider. What sets them apart? Do technicians and other workers feel confident in the kind of job they’re doing?
  • As a follow-up question, ask for referrals. They’ll have you talking with happy customers, yes, but speaking to them you can get a feel of how the service is. They’ll be able to tell you, from personal experience, about the technicians’ familiarity with equipment, and even if they can compare with competing companies.

One possible red flag? If your salesman starts dissing other companies. You want professionalism above all.


2. Is your company familiar with the manufacturer of my equipment?

You certainly need experts to handle your generator. Even if they’re all fundamentally equal, each manufacturer has its specs, and you want them handled seamlessly. What you need:

  • A generator service provider with broad expertise in your particular brand.
  • If possible, that they’re familiar with your particular machine, or at least a previous version of it.


3. Are your technicians certified?

It’s a big question, as the answer speaks volumes of the company’s commitment to their line of work. If the company has taken the time, effort and money to certify their technicians, they’re taking their job seriously.

Most manufacturers certify technicians, and there are also plenty of independent organizations that offer similar programs. Certified technicians don’t just have the know-how, but they’ve also read and are familiar with less common issues.


4. How available are your technicians?

You want excellent service, and you want it just when you need it and not later. From this question and follow-ups, you’ll need to know:

Average response times, and whether there’s someone available 24 hours a day. You need a company that understands the meaning of the word “emergency,” and can provide you with quick assistance.

The number of technicians the company has in your area. Depending on where you live, there might be lots of people with generators. Ideally, the company will have enough technicians around to satisfy high demand and be there quickly in a time of need.


5. How much servicing will my generator need?

A sound technician will answer this question with a whole set of inquiries of their own. First off, they should ask you how you’ll be using your generator system. If you bought it for safety, you should be getting a semi-annual service at least. If you purchased your generator for a commercial or residential system, you’d probably do well with annual check-ups.

Of course, the higher the frequency of check-ups, the lower the chances of potential issues sneaking up on you. Still, a sound technician will help you decide on the best plan based on your needs.

As a follow-up question, ask what level of service your technician recommends. This will lead to a more extended conversation about your requirements, and how they can meet them.


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