7.5kW Generac Air Cooled Dual Fuel Standby Generator

Keep Your Standby Generator Standing By 24/7 with Remote Monitoring

Standby generators are the go-to option when it comes to reliable backup power delivery. If you live in the hurricane belt, you’ll find that you truly need that extra need of protection come late September. But, as it happens with every other device, power generators need some love to work at the top of their game.

While reliable, these machines are not invincible, and they can eventually break down or experience reduced efficiency, particularly if nobody maintains them. If monitored and managed correctly, a power generator can easily have well over 20 years of service, and this is generally thanks to the self-testing ability of a standby generator with remote monitoring

Standby generators are capable of turning themselves on automatically, based on a programmable schedule. This feature allows the generator to run a diagnostic on itself and display any potential errors or faults that could be occurring. The information is then passed on to your maintenance team who can then act on any defects in case your generator needs servicing. The most modern devices could also send the information to your computer or even smartphone, so you can quickly show the results to the repairmen once they get there.

Don’t wait until the last minute to perform self-tests on your standby generator. Even if the device works well, you should run tests every week. Your generator is an emergency gadget, so it should be fit to handle emergencies!


Noise Concerns

During the self-test, generators are relatively quiet, comparable to an idle computer or car. Some high-end standby generators will make virtually no noise during the self-test.


Transferring Data

Modern standby generators with remote monitoring can connect to your WiFi network to transmit the results of the self-test to your provider. The self-test will give your provider up-to-date information on the status of your generator, even if you’re out of the house.


Scheduled Inspections

Lastly, factory-certified technicians should be inspecting your generator annually, or more frequently if it sees quite a lot of use. They’ll go through a comprehensive check of your generator and let you know if there are any faults.

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